Wilmslow Guild Photographic Society

Click here to upload your ANNUAL competition entries


1. Images do not need to be exactly 1400 x 1050 OR 1600 x 1200**
but they must fit within the 1400 x 1050 or 1600 x 1200 ‘frame’
      If the width is 1400/1600 the height must be 1050/1200 or less
If the height is 1050/1200 the width must be 1400/1600 or less

2. Images must be jpeg format and should be srgb colour space

3. Member name should be two words or more, separated by spaces -
 and can include awards if required. No ‘_’ (underscore).

4. Images filenames must be in the form
n_My Image Title.jpg

 n = your sequence number in the relevant competition
the title can contain valid windows special characters
including:   ( ) . ! ? &  (But not ‘_’  underscore)

**so that we can upload images to the web site without black canvasses.
DiCentra will add black canvas automatically.
Also reduces the complication of preparing images.
If required we can add black canvasses for external competitions.

(You may continue to add your own canvas if you must)

You may upload a maximum of 6 images at a time
Image files > 4Mb will not upload (please check before uploading)

OR Click here to upload DPIs of your winning prints

Click here to upload your MONTHLY competition entries

We are moving to the new L&CPU DPI format 1600 x 1200

Images for the Annual competition may be in either
1400x1050 0r 1600x1200
entries for
ALL FUTURE COMPS (starting 22 Nov - last entry 8 Nov)
MUST be 1600 x 1200 format